'As women we're constantly told we're not good enough'. The episode to launch our very first theme, self-love. Tariro Mavondo, Brigid Canny, Michelle Roger and Frances Cannon talk about what [...]

Brigid Canny on self-love

'For a lot of women, self-love can be a rebellious act.' Brigid Canny is a filmmaker and storyteller based in Melbourne. She explores the importance of self-love and the strength of [...]

Tariro Mavondo on self-love

'That's the first time I realised I was black, before that I just thought I was a person.' Performance poet and actress Tariro Mavondo talks to us about her experiences growing up in [...]

Michelle Roger on self-love

'I never expected at 33 I was going to be shot off to the side somewhere in bizarro land.' Michelle Roger was diagnosed with dysautonomia in her early thirties, and she talks to us about her [...]

Frances Cannon on self-love

'You have to constantly remind yourself that it's ok to like yourself'. Frances Cannon, feminist artist and illustrator, talks self-love, the female body and sexuality, and why there is no [...]