courage through connection
change through conversation

Born from a desire to do something, a need to say something, a ‘calling’ (yeah, we went there) to be a part of something bigger, something that made a difference, that might stop one more woman from feeling she wasn’t good enough or just that little too much (you know the drill – too emotional, too aggressive, too bossy, too loud, too opinionated, too fat, too skinny, too everything).

her words is a space for women to share their stories. Our mission is to inspire courage through connection and change through conversation. Our goal is to give a platform to diverse women and diverse stories, to help enable all women to feel valued, reflected and represented on screen. We know the power of seeing that reflection. We feel it too.

The media plays an important role in both shaping and reflecting societal values and attitudes. Women make up approximately 51% of Australia’s population and yet, we’re misrepresented and underrepresented on screen. What does that do? It dismisses a whole range of valid and worthy stories, it tells the people who those stories belong to that their existence is less valuable and less worthy of our time and attention.

We’re calling bullshit. We’re yelling, banners in hand, enough is enough. Let’s talk about the things women experience. Let’s talk about the sexism and misogyny we encounter. Let’s make our feminism intersectional. Let’s celebrate diversity. Let’s own our stories.

We’re on a mission to ensure every woman knows her words matter.

Will you join us?

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